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Wedding Dress Collection
bridal fashion collection
Bridal dress collection

2025 Brudklänningskollektion

Vår 2025 kollektion av brudklänningar med enkel design och vackra silhouetter.

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2025 Tillbehörskollektion

Vår eleganta 2025 tillbehörskollektion har ett brett sortiment med moderna versioner av klassisk design.

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Avalia Shoes

AVALIA's 2025 Collection

AVALIA'S 2025 skokollektion har vackra brudskor som matchar alla brudklänningar

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Store Spotlight
Carina Rose Bridal

Carina Rose Bridal

The Courtyard, Durleighmarsh Farm,Petersfield


2025 Limited kollektionen

Devour the beauty of our 2025 Limited Wedding Collection in our campaign video

Affordable, modern wedding dresses- Discover 300K+ in-stock styles for swift delivery!

Preparing for the most momentous day of your life? Allow us to swiftly deliver your ideal choices to a store nearby. Our collection of wedding dresses and bridal accessories has been thoughtfully curated with your preferences in mind. Discover our range of affordable, stylish designs, spanning various sizes and crafted from timeless fabrics with impeccable attention to detail. Embrace the pinnacle of your journey with an extensive selection of over 300,000 in-stock Bianco Evento designs, all primed for expedited delivery and tailored to your budgetary needs.

Now certified by Germany's prestigious Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute for quality!

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Älskar du våra klänningar och tillbehör? Vår butiksguide hjälper dig att hitta din närmaste butik.

#Biancobrud bildgalleri

Är du en #Biancobrud? Dela dina bilder med oss i vårat #Biancobrud bildgalleri

Bride Name: Orlanne Raynaud


Bride Name: Fanny


Bride Name - Beatrice

Dress Name - ARIZONA

Bride Name: Maxime Kretschmer


Bride Name: Cleide Vieira Oplt

Dress Name: Vivienne

Bride Name - Beatrice

Dress Name - ARIZONA