Pretty and subtle hair vines to delicately intricate headbands or hair combs, we have a spectacular collection of carefully crafted bridal headpieces! Find your perfect piece from our collection.
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  1. Headband made of ornamental stones and pearls
  2. Headpiece made of glass beads and flowers
  3. Haarstukje met pareltjes en siersteentjes
  4. Haaraccessoire
  5. Bridal halo with crystals
  6. Haarstreng met siersteentjes, pareltjes en bloemetjes
  7. Bridal halo made of crystals and pearls with added satin ribbon
  8. Haaraccessoire
  9. Kam met 14 tanden
  10. Haarsieraad met siersteentjes
  11. Haaraccessoire
  12. Headpiece made of crystals
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