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Affordable, modern wedding dresses – designed for you!

Our wedding dress and bridal accessories collection has been designed with you in mind. Our affordable, on-trend designs are available in various sizes made from classic fabrics in exquisite detail. Bring your perfect day to life with a selection of Bianco Evento designs, all available in a short time frame and a price-range that suits you.

Real Brides

We would love to see all the beautiful moments from your special day. Share Your photos and memories with us and discover the stories of other Bianco Evento Brides in our gallery!



    • Made in the EU

      High quality creations made in the European Union.

    • The Original

      We produce items with a classic but unique style, with the original Bianco Evento label.

    • Affordable designs

      Designed with passion, and available at an affordable price.

    • Elegance & comfort

      Innovative solutions that add the greatest comfort to your wedding day.