The Perfect Bridal Dress Has The Most Desirous Necklines: The Best Ones Are Here!

Desirous Necklines
Feb 1, 2021

The Perfect Bridal Dress Has The Most Desirous Necklines: The Best Ones Are Here!

Out on the prowl looking for your perfect bridal dress? Sure, love-at-first-sight is possible for the perfect dress, but there are no guarantees that it won’t be a ‘finding the needle in a haystack’ situation! To save yourself from this situation, we suggest doing a checklist of sorts listing down all the points that you think should be part of your bridal dress!

One of the important things to consider when listing down the requirements of your dream dress is to figure out a neckline that you want to flaunt or sport. One of the key elements that bridal designers use to create a lasting and standout impression is the neckline. The classic round neck, the romantic boat neck, the charming sweetheart or a spectacular illusion neck—make a list of all the kinds that are your favourite and then go in the hunt for the best.

Bianco Evento has an award-winning collection of bridal dresses and gowns, and their flattering necklines are a sure winner for the perfect bridal look! Here are some of our favourites that are sure to wow you, too!

The Stunning Sweetheart

As the name suggests, this neckline is truly meant to complement the sweetheart! A romantically pretty, scalloped neckline, this one dips in the centre of the bodice to create an illusion of the curved tops of a heart. Great to highlight the centre of one’s neck, the sweetheart neckline is perfect to accentuate the decolletage. Our spectacular beauty Beatrice has a sweetheart neckline that is made to stop your heart! A lacey neckline held together by delicate straps this one sings of a fairy tale romance. But if you’re the fun, fanciful bride who loves to straddle frivolity and charm, then our Blanca will impress you with her boho lace splendour!

The Vivacious V

This classic silhouette has been the favourite of brides for ages, and still remains as one of the most loved ones! Just like the name suggests, there is the outline of V that this neckline traces and lends one of the most flattering looks to the upper torso. Go for a modest V if you want to keep it subtly sublime or sport the plunge if you’re the daringly beautiful and bold bride! Our Arleta flaunts a V made of flocked tulle that works perfectly to channel a sweet modish look. But when you are looking for a spectacularly stylish V that flaunts a plunge, then our Larissa will make you pick her as your wedding bestie!

The Classic Round

Another spectacular classic neckline, the round has a modest touch that can be played up to flaunt a romantic look. Elegant and graceful, the round neckline goes brilliantly well with classic fabrics like chiffon, silks, Mikado and others. When looking for a standout look with a traditionally classic neckline, then the high round can be a brilliant one to choose. Our Loara is a stunning number that will make you fall in love once again with the classic round!

The Charismatic Illusion

One of the most romantic necklines, the illusion neckline is a charismatic silhouette that can change the look of any bridal dress or gown! A truly charming neckline this one reflects the fancy of romance with its sheer illusion top that floats dreamily over a bodice. Our Lumia casts a magical spell with her flocked tulle and boho lace illusion top that will make everyone fall in love with her. Brandy with her guipure lace illusion top creates a fantastic stylish look that will hold the attention of everyone gathered!

The Stellar Strapless

If there’s one silhouette that owns the word stellar, then it’s the strapless neckline. Genuinely spectacular, the strapless is by far one of the most popular and favourite necklines of brides because nothing comes close to flattering the upper torso like this one does. Our Harmonia has a stunning sweetheart strapless neckline that can do wonders to any bridal look. Neve is another gorgeous one that has a flat strapless neckline that spectacularly complements a beautiful bride!