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Mix & Match - new design concept conquers the bridal fashion industry

Everyone is talking about “mix and match”. Many bridal dress dealer now swear by the innovative approach, which positions two-piece bridal ensembles on behalf of the classic wedding dress - because a bridal outfit does not always have to be a dress! The highlights for “mixing and matching” are corsets, corsages, boleros and bridal skirts made of fine lace, chiffon, satin or sparkling glitter tulle. The diverse and refined combination options appeal to modern and self-confident women who want to shine individually on their wedding day and feel comfortable. With the new designs, every bride-to-be can create her individual bridal outfit and put it together as she likes. For us as a bridal fashion label, details are very important. Our mix & match items are intended to be alternatives to the classic wedding dress and in no way inferior to it. No matter whether for the registry office, the church or the party afterwards. To this end, we are expanding our range of two-pieces each season, which can be wonderfully combined in color and shape. In addition, a high level of comfort is important to us. Because nothing is worse than a scratching tip or a pinching waistband.

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Bolero e290

Brautrock Sardinia    Corsage e300