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Ultimate Guide To Choosing Flowing Bridal Gowns For Your Beach Wedding

Flowing Bridal Gowns
Jun 25, 2020

Ultimate Guide To Choosing Flowing Bridal Gowns For Your Beach Wedding

Very few things say romance as beautifully as a wedding on a picturesque sandy beach, with the crashing waves in the background as your wedding soundtrack. It is undeniable thought that outdoor weddings, especially one that’s taking place on the beach, requires certain considerations that are crucial for making the event a grand success. And finding the perfect wedding dress is of utmost priority!

If you are having a beach wedding, chances are you are getting married in spring or summer. Even if you are getting married in winter structured, form-hugging silhouettes are probably not the right place to start your wedding dress search with. Let us help you find the most stunning flowing bridal gowns that will make you shine like the goddess that you are on your big day, ensure day-long comfort and make for lovely photographs, with these easy tips:

Choose the right silhouette:

Even though most brides prefer simple dresses for beach weddings, there is no mandate saying you absolutely have to do the same. While choosing a wedding dress, even if it is taking place on a beach, it is best to give preference to designs that flatter your body type and are practical for the season and venue, the first point being the most important one.

Some silhouettes that are favorable to most body types are A-line, mermaid and empire. These silhouettes are not strictly form-hugging and thus, are more likely to be comfortable to wear on a hot and windy day than their more structured counterparts. Flowing bridal gowns in the mermaid silhouette like Pompeya, Atlantis, Arielle and Elena accentuate all the right curves and give a fluid, appearance of an hourglass figure. On the other hand the sheath silhouette of Neve gives the impression of height and leanness. The A-line silhouette of Rachel, Preciosa, Pandora or Natalie is ideal for instantly creating a beach-ready look that flows and moves as easy as a cool sea breeze. The fact that it is eternally flattering to very body type doesn’t fail to impress either.

Shorter hemlines give a great alternative:

The idea of your bridal train sweeping along the sand might sound romantic but if you are worried about it getting dirty with sand getting trapped in the dress, you may want to consider shorter hemlines. Stunning dresses like Florida, Bornea and Calendula don’t just keep the worry of messy trains out of the picture but also help to show off your legs for miles and are actually ideal for flaunting those pretty bridal shoes in which you have put so much effort to find. Siena, Aperta and Tapazia have a vintage vibe to them that is hard to ignore and not be impressed by. If you prefer simpler, more minimalist designs, Peonia or Kornelia might be more your style. You can go for any length - skater or tea-length or midis. Another great fact is that they are absolutely a delight to dance in.

Selecting the right fabric is important:

No matter how breezy or windy you expect the day to be, if you are getting married in summer, it can be rather hot at the beach. It is of much importance that you choose soft, light, airy, breathable fabrics for your flowing bridal gowns. Remember you don’t want to pull around extra weight and warmth from miles of fabric all day long. Ensuring comfort depends as much on choosing the right fabric as it does on choosing the right silhouette. Attires fashioned out of high quality lace, chiffon and tulle can be great choices. Bridal dresses like Larissa, Fiona, Julia and Dallas aren’t just beautiful to look at; they are very practical, comfortable dresses that truly help you enjoy the day without feeling an ounce of uneasiness at any point.

Sleeves, back and necklines are important too:

As said earlier, comfort should be at top of the priority list when choosing a wedding gown. In this regard, besides the silhouette, you must also consider the sleeves, back and necklines. Sleeveless or off-shoulder dresses, or at least ones with short illusion sleeves, much like Carolina, Cosma, Angelica, Arcada and Margaret made of soft lace of chiffon should be considered. Deep back and necklines would help you to feel the breeze and help you control perspiration and heat build-up. And you can’t deny, deep-cut backs do look rather cute and spunky.

A gentle breeze is okay but do prepare for a strong wind:

It is great if there is a light breeze on your wedding day; It will make for great photos of you in flowing bridal gowns. but it is advisable to be prepared for sudden, strong gusts of wind as well. Many brides choose to leave the veil out of their ensemble for a beach wedding. If you do want veil, make sure it is secured heavily to your hairstyle. Do not leave any room for your accessories to be flown around by the wind.

Do think about packing and transport:

If you do not live by the sea or ocean, a beach wedding is going to require a fair amount of travelling. Packing your wedding dress and transporting it can be a bit of concern. Plan ahead. Talk to your designer or boutique for valuable suggestions. Going for a dress that is easy to pack and transport can save you a lot of worry later on.

The choices for flowing bridal gowns are aplenty. You will be spoilt for choices! However, while choosing the dresses for the event, whether it is rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, vow exchange ceremony, reception party, first dance or just a late-night walk along the beach with your beloved,don’t forget to choose numbers that have details, intricacies, design elements that are closest to your personal style. After all, it is your wedding, you should look stunning and feel comfortable in a dress that suits your signature style.