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Short Bridal Dresses: Different Looks To Choose From To Get Your Perfect Bridal Look!

Short Bridal Dresses
Jan 20, 2021

Short Bridal Dresses: Different Looks To Choose From To Get Your Perfect Bridal Look!

Time and life both have changed drastically over the last year. But the one thing that has remained constant in these turbulent times is love! Celebrating love may have changed in style, but weddings are not going anywhere. Sure, they have become smaller, more intimate and less grandiose, but the joyous good vibe is still very much a constant. With the change in time and setting, our wedding shopping trends have also changed, and one of the most conspicuous choices that we have made is to keep it simple, subtle and comfortable!

Short bridal dresses have become our new favourite now, both among brides and among designers! While it may have become our current favourite because of its practicality, one has to also agree that it is a fresh departure from the usual, traditional bridal gowns and sweeping trains! Moreover, can anything channel the chic comfort vibe more than the short bridal dress?

Flirty Beach Dress

Besides becoming more intimate, one of the other things that have changed the face of weddings is the choice of venues. The new norms have made couples to choose unconventional venues for their micro-weddings or their mini ceremonies. From the front porch to the backyard or even the living room, venue choices have changed drastically over this last. A beach wedding is a beautiful affair, and though it has been around for some years now, a secluded beach has become one of the best-chosen spots for an intimate ceremony over this year. The combination of gorgeous scenery and an intimate ceremony makes for a lovely wedding. A swishy, floaty bridal short dress is the only thing that can tie it up with a bow for a perfect wedding! Bianco Evento has a spectacular collection of short bridal dresses and its numbers Phoenix and Calendula, in particular, will make you fall in love, all over again!

Classic Vintage

A classic black tie event may be the setting for your wedding dreams, but that doesn’t mean you need to get stuck with a traditional bridal gown. Short dresses can channel the classic bridal look too and Bianco Evento has some fabulous dresses to splurge you. A classic chiffon number Kornelia will surely turn all heads and give you the desired stellar look! If your love for the traditional look is an uncurable one, then our Brandy will win over your heart!

Lacey Love

Obsessed with lace? There’s no reason to shy away from indulging a little much in the beauty of it. Even we can’t get enough of a gorgeous lacey bridal dress. Bianco Evento is known to have a stellar collection of dresses that reflects the luxury of stunning lace. Our Haiti or Cornelia will definitely make you go weak on your knees and declare your love for them!

Strapless Wonder

When you are a modern bride who wants to channel a balanced bold and beautiful look, then a strapless wonder can do magic for your looks! A spectacular silhouette to reflect the romance of the occasion and that flatters your figures, the strapless bridal dress can enhance any bridal look. Bianco Evento’s Peonia and Ortensia are stunning numbers that will floor everyone with its looks, bride included!