Why You Must Consider an A-Line Wedding Dress for Your Big Day

A-line wedding dress
May 14, 2020

Why You Must Consider an A-Line Wedding Dress for Your Big Day

When it comes to wedding dresses, some silhouettes are more popular than others. While some brides prefer to go with ball gowns, others like mermaid or trumpet. However, there is one silhouette that has been around for decades and doesn't seem like it will be losing its spot as a favourite of brides any time soon. And that is the A-line silhouette. The A-line wedding dress has been around for decades and its popularity is the same as ever - with good reason, of course. Rarely has a wedding dress silhouette looked as flattering on all body types, irrespective of age and height, as the A-line.

So, what is it that makes A-line wedding dress so popular? Well, many say that it is mostly in the skirts but in reality the entire silhouette is smartly designed. The cut cinches at the waist, not too much just the right amount, highlighting the narrowest part of the body irrespective of your measurements. Then the skirt gracefully continues on, away from the hip area, again not too much but just the right amount, before reaching the hemline. The final silhouette, therefore, looks like the alphabet 'A' - hence the name.

Why is the A-line wedding dress flattering on multiple types of figures? It's fitted bust and not so fitted waist that flares out from the sides are definitely the contributing factors to this universally flattering fit. Since the widening out of the hem makes the bust appear smaller or less wide above the waist and effectively hides 'flaws' in the figure, it is preferred by women everywhere.

Although most A-line wedding dresses today are somewhat fitted through the waist area and have the flares happening just above the upper hip or abdomen, these flares can happen at any length in the skirt as per the bride's preference. Bridal gowns often have the flares starting a little higher, right below the bust. Since as many options are available in A-line wedding dresses based just on where the flares start, it is important for the bride-to-be to try on a few options and see which one looks the best on her before choosing.

A quick tip from the designers is to get an A-line wedding dress on which the flare starts just below or above your 'problem area'. For example if you consider your hip or thigh area to be heavier, ensure the flare starts at your upper hip or abdomen area. This will keep the focus on your smaller waistline. Similarly if your stomach isn't as flat as you would like it to be, the flares on your dress should start at the waist. This will create the illusion of a smaller waistline.

Another benefit of the A-line wedding dress is that the style is truly timeless. Whether you prefer classic styles when it comes to bridal dresses or it is a modern silhouette that you prefer, you will find that the A-line cut is forever beautiful and contemporary. It never goes out of style.