Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the Bianco Evento products?

Bianco Evento supplies as a manufacturer and wholesaler only to bridal retailers , there is no direct sell to private individuals. The collections of Bianco Evento can be found in over 3400 specialized bridal fashion stores worldwide. When you purchase your wedding outfits you should not do without professional advice -  make an appointment with an autorised bridal specialist by filling in the form  in the menu Shops. Alternatively you can ask in a bridal store of your choice, if they sell the desired Bianco Evento bridal dress/accessories. The competent staff will clarify the issues regarding the availability , price and delivery date within a short time with us. No minimum order is required.

How do I find out the price?

The diversity of the Bianco Evento collection also allow us to offer products in every price segment. Because we do not sell directly to end clients, you must contact the bridal stores in your area that stock our products, to find out exact prices.

Where can I view the current Bianco Evento catalogue?

You can view our catalogue in any authorised bridal retailing store. All products of the latest collections can also be found under the menu button Collection. This gives you the ability to create your own personal lookbook by adding the selected bookmark your Wish List. You can then share it via social media or print it and take into a shop.

What sizes and colours can I choose from?

The size and color selection varies depending on the cut and material type. The exact details will therefore be found on each product in the product detailed description. Our white color is pure white , the color of ivory corresponds to the light cream shade. As part of a wedding theme "something blue", we offer beautiful garters in various styles.

Which accessories match which dresses?

The wedding dresses and accessories are made from the same fabrics  with the same color and are therefore perfectly matched - please pay attention to the "Suitable with" icon, for tips under each product image. If you are still not sure , you will receive expert advice for our accessories, within the bridal store.

What is the difference between Diamond and Soft tulle veils?

The soft tulle is a fine tulle, thus flowing softly down the brides shoulders. The diamond tulle is a standard tulle with a hard structure. This type of material gives a volumising look. The majority of our veils are offered in one or the other type of tulle, depending on which tulle type suits the form of design best.

What is the difference between taffeta and crushed taffeta?

Both materials differ in terms of structure. While taffeta is a smooth, shiny material, crushed taffeta has a fine, creased look. The surface of the crushed taffeta is slightly wavy-please use the zoom option to view the fine lines. You will notice the exact details of each material at first glance when fitting on in the bridal shop.

When should I order my bridal dress and accessories?

It is recommended to order your bridal dress at least 6 months before your wedding because the delivery time of the dress can take up to 14 weeks. The accessories which are not on stock, can most of the time still be delivered within 2 weeks. During high season however, delays can happen and delivery time may extend to a few weeks more. Therefore it is advised to order your accessories at least 2 months before your wedding.

Can I buy a Bianco Evento bridal dress online?

No, any online selling of Bianco Evento wedding dresses is strictly prohibited. If you have seen a Bianco Evento wedding dress from an online store , it is most likely a fake. Since such imitations have impaired quality and defects, we advise you strongly against buying the wedding dress online. In order to avoid inconvenieces, please make note of the Bianco Evento label, when buying our products.